written by GiuliaP

A whaiwhai secret in Florence


Every city has its secrets to reveal, and whaiwhai is an adventure we want people to be able to experience in many different places. After the search for the Ruyi in Venice and Rome, another city full of treasures will now become an extraordinary playing field: it’s Florence. We’re working on an interactive story where the capital of the Renaissance is the setting for a web that blurs truth from fiction and the legendary from the real. Here’s a sneak preview – what do you think?

October 27th, 1954: twenty unidentified flying objects hover in the skies above Florence, flying over the most famous of the city’s monuments for fifteen minutes. As everyone stands with their necks bent backwards, eyes fixated on the UFOs, no one realizes what the aliens are actually doing. They’re looking for something, something that came to Earth many years ago. One earthly being has been appointed to keep this secret, a UFO expert who will take the mystery with him to the grave. Will there be an invasion? What were those UFOs looking for in Florence in ’54?

It’s your job to uncover the truth in the city of the Medicis…

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