written by GiuliaP

A Venetian night

Departure: 14:38:01 on a humid November 10th.

Location: Piazza San Marco, in the heart of Venice.

Four friends and an intruder on an autumn evening in Venice.

Look for a magical scepter when daylight has faded… walk through the half-deserted calli and canals of one of the most charming cities in the world… notice nooks one has never seen before… focus on details never observed before… enjoy the atmosphere and the company…

All this is the Ruyi experience. This time it was made even more special for the four friends by Alessandro, a professional photographer, who documented their nocturnal hunt for the magical scepter with his camera, and by Giulia, his wife, who captured the most exciting moments of the evening on her digital camcorder.

A video, which you can see, has been created by putting together all the sounds, images and words from that magical evening when five people, who thought they already knew Venice well, rediscovered it entirely.

We hope this partnership with Alessandro can continue, having seen the great quality of his work and the enthusiasm he brought to whaiwhai… perhaps as early as the release of whaiwhai in Verona, a city he’s very attached to.

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