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Over 200 People track down the Ruyi in Venice


There are over 200 players from KPMG, one of the leading consulting firms, challenging each other in teams, but all united by one goal: find the Ruyi in as little time as possible.

In a race against time, they challenge their co-workers and challenge themselves.

When you’re not familiar with a city, it’s tough to get from one place to another quickly and easily. If that city is Venice, one of the most insidious (though fascinating) destinations, with its long, narrow passageways, its countless bridges and churches, its little dark places… well, then the game gets even harder.

But that didn’t stop Andrea, Fabio, Lisa, Giovanna and Anna (pictured above left), who in less than two hours, compared to more than three for the last-place finishers, succeeded in reaching the last stage first. In this case, it was the same destination they started from, the extraordinary St. Mark square.

Everyone was equipped with a game kit to hunt for dates, inscriptions and bas-reliefs behind which a thousand mysteries and a thousand legends dating back to ancient times are hidden.

This is definitely the best way to discover Venice. Venice is always an astonishing place, but thanks to whaiwhai, it continues to amaze. Whaiwhai is also a great way to join forces to turn a group’s strengths into a winning ticket – in the game as in the professional world.

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