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A Double event To Search for the Ruyi


A “double night” of Ruyi is coming soon: a special night to search for the treasures of Venice and Rome, two cities through which the magical Chinese scepter passed.

This will be the first “synchronized” whaiwhai event, a double challenge involving the places and stories in The Ruyi - Venice and The Ruyi - Rome that will begin at the same time but in two places many miles away from each other. So it’ll be double the experience of last year’s nighttime event, when around the same time of year about a hundred people played the game.

This year the appointment is scheduled for Friday, April 3rd at 9:30pm. For those playing in Venice, the meeting point is Campo San Polo, while those playing in Rome will meet in Piazza Navona. The simultaneous treasure hunt will last about three hours. It will be very simple to start the challenge: all you need to do is get to the meeting point equipped with a whaiwhai gamebook (if you already have one, bring it; if not, purchase one) and your mobile phone and, if you’re with friends, split up into teams (the smaller the team, the better, because the winner’s prize will be for two). We’ll give you the password at the start of the game and you’ll immediately be part of the challenge against the other teams.

Then the search begins: you’ve got to try to finish before the others. What can you win? Well basically, whoever wins in Rome goes to Venice for a night and whoever wins in Venice goes to Rome for a night! In other words, the winners of each of the two competitions will receive accommodations for two people for one night in whichever city they weren’t playing in. We chosed bed and breakfast of Sleep in Italy network, in Rome and in  Venice

Now get ready for the search – let us know if you’ll be there!

7 Responses to “A Double event To Search for the Ruyi”

  1. emanuele says:

    ci vediamo il 3 aprile a roma!!!

  2. Valerio says:

    Dai ci sto!

  3. Arianna says:

    Io voglio venire venerdì! Ma non ho capito qual è la modalità, che dobbiamo scrivere nel sms in questo caso?a quale num?ci diranno le cose in piazza?help meeeeeeeee

  4. GiuliaP says:

    Ciao Arianna,

    grazie per l’interesse!
    Partecipare alla doppia notte del Ruyi è molto semplice: devi solo presentarti con il quaderno della città in cui giochi (a Venezia in campo San Polo, a Roma in piazza Navona) e il telefono cellulare alle 21,30 di venerdì. Porta anche i tuoi amici basta un quaderno ed un telefono a squadra. Meglio essere in pochi per squadra, anche perchè il premio è per due.
    Noi vi comunicheremo il codice che serve per far partire la sfida, saremo lì con voi!

    Se non lo hai già, puoi acquistare il quaderno nel nostro sito qui oppure vedere qual’ è il punto vendita più vicino a te (

    Dunque ci vediamo venerdì, in bocca al lupo!

  5. silvia says:

    vi prego prego vi prego oragnizzatene un’altra…sarò a roma dal 3-7 giugno…si può??? qualcun’altro vorrebbe una doppia sfida in quelle date?

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