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2054 Florence: Notes for the event tomorrow

It’s almost time for the Florence challenge. As you know, the appointment is for tomorrow at 9:30pm at the Edison bookstore. Each team needs to bring a gamebook and a mobile phone. A map of the city and a flashlight could be helpful, too.

Registration by telephone is now officially open for this game. Here’s how you can register:

Send a text message with your name followed by the word EDISON to (+39) 3318494552. (example: Paola EDISON).
N.B. You must send this message from the phone you’re going to use during the game!

After you send the text, the system will then ask you to enter your activation number. Answer by entering the ten-digit code you’ll find at the bottom of the last page of your gamebook.

You’re all set! You’ll receive confirmation and you’ll be ready for the game. Then all that’s left to do is wait for tomorrow, come to the Edison bookstore and wait for the start message we’ll send to begin the game.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “2054 Florence: Notes for the event tomorrow”

  1. Ma il 2054 è fra 45 anni. Ok avvisare per tempo, però mi sembra un po’ esagerato.

  2. GiuliaP says:

    ci prendiamo avanti…bisogna essere preparati di questi tempi!

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