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Now it’s Florence’s turn


The double-night in the Ruyi cities has just come to an end. We’re still digesting the effects of adrenaline and the satisfaction from the simultaneous event. You’ll soon find a short video about it here. Meanwhile, photos taken in Venice are already on Flickr.

But there’s no time to lose: Spring is close at hand and the whaiwhai event calendar is filling up. It’s Florence’s turn now, time for the for the mysteries of 2054. An appointment in the Tuscan city has already been scheduled (see the flyer above).

On Friday, April 24th at 9:30pm, the Florentine challenge will begin from the Edison Bookstore. For those familiar with our events, it’s the usual routine: get to the bookstore on time with your 2054 Florence gamebook, which you can purchase either that evening at the Edison Bookstore or right away from our shop. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone and your friends. Split up into teams (of three or four, ideally). One gamebook and one mobile per group is sufficient. Then, we’ll announce the code needed to register to the game and you’ll start on your search for extraordinary signs and clues hidden in the history and in the stonework of Florence. Each team will have a different itinerary, but we’ll all meet back at the same finishing point, where a prize will be awarded to the winners. The team that finishes their treasure hunt first will win a gift certificate worth 100 euros to spend at the Edison bookstore, our partner for this event.

Our friends at intoscana.it will be filming the event, so you’ll be able to see us again on the Tuscany tourist board’s information portal. And soon, you’ll even find news about the event on our Facebook page.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out!

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