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2054 – The Night in Florence: Event Standings

The results are in for the game last Friday night that started, from the Edison bookstore in Florence, at 9:30, and ended (at least for Elisa’s team) the next day! These late finishers, who divorced themselves from any thought of competition, deserve special recognition for that “slowly romantic” spirit with which they approached whaiwhai. Congratulations, Donato and Elisa! All of us met back behind the Duomo, which was the last location of the challenge. Lapo and Niccolò’s team let the others in the dust, completing their itinerary at lightning speed. So congratulations to them as well, for their quickness and their knowledge of the city. Every group finished their itinerary and walked a little over four kilometers. The team that made the most mistakes made 8 of them, but nobody was perfect  :-).

You can check out pics of the evening event and teams can read the report of their game. All you need to do is insert the telephone number you played with (including the prefix 39) and the game code (EDISON). If you snapped a few photos yourself during the game, upload them on flickr and tag them whaiwhaiandme: in this way, they can be viewed in our photo section as well. Soon we’ll even have video footage of the event taken by intoscana.it.

Special thanks to Luciano and Ricciardo Artusi for their contribution and for the distinctive prize they awarded to the winning team.

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  1. Maurizio says:

    Salve, ho fatto parte della squadra “Gigi” e vedere Firenze con lo sguardo del “cercatore” ha divertito moltissimo gli adulti e i tre bambini che componevano il nostro “team”. Sicuramente saremo presenti anche alla prossima serata. Un saluto ed un complimento all’organizzazione

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