Back from Stresa

Yesterday, a group of Dr.Scholl’s sales associates played WHAIWHAI in Stresa, a little town “out of another era”, placidly set on the banks of Lake Maggiore. 60 people, divided into 9 teams, searched for the secret reason why the founding father of comfortable footwear was stopped precisely in Stresa in September 1929, when he was aboard a train headed for Venice that broke down. Obviously we made up that story, but Dr. Scholl’s real life gave us lots of ideas to draw on. He was enterprising man and an avid traveler who lived very intensely during that time, frequently journeying through Europe.

The game lasted about three hours and ended, after a boat ride, on Isola Bella, an eighteenth century Eden that rests in the middle of the lake. There, the teams solved the final enigma to discover the secret of Saluti da Stresa. For the rankings, we had to account for the fact that the itineraries were shortened; the speedy Carriage8 team was awarded a special honorable mention for having solved the most enigmas.

Thanks to Marina from Cross Creative and to Ambrosini Associati, who we worked with to organize the event.

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