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Some have surely left already and others are packing their bags, while the rest of you may be thinking about how to get through a vacation-less August. That’s pretty much our story this year, but today we’re putting the finishing touches on a project you’ll hear about soon.

If you’re sticking in town, there are clever and interesting ways to savor even the most familiar places. Obviously, we’d suggest WHAIWHAI. Incidentally, yesterday’s edition of the Radio24 program August: Survival Techniques was about Milan Diamante. Paolo Roversi, the author of the stories, talks about his August in Milan. His advice is not to miss the chance to enjoy the city’s charm at a time when the crowds are thin. Listen to that August 12th interview via podcast (in Italian).

2 Responses to “HAVE A SUPER SUMMER”

  1. mino says:

    bella foto!

  2. GiuliaP says:

    grazie Mino ma è merito di Sioku! Buona estate

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