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It’s Raining Links to WHAIWHAI!

Some people have been having lots of fun with WHAIWHAI the past few weeks. Several blog posts have sprung up about our city adventure from far and wide. See for yourself – here’s a list of the sites that have mentioned us recently, followed by a description of those sites taken from their “About” sections:

webintravel.com talks about a “WHAIWHAI Revolution”!

(WIT is a content and community platform for the travel distribution, marketing and technology space. It provides news, commentary, analysis and opinions and organizes events that break down walls between people, cultures, knowledge and ideas.)

cloudview.com refers to that WIT article

(At Cloud View we help organizations and companies look at their business from a Design Thinking perspective.  This will mean looking at the business from a more customer-centric perspective. It will also mean looking at what the business wants to achieve, what its challenges are and what technology and tools we have available.)

springwise.com has an article entitled “City guides reveal stories through urban adventures”

(Helped by a network of 8,000 spotters, Springwise editors scan the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds. )

belowthebiz.com opens its post about whaiwhai saying it’s “…probably one of the finest, most innovative ideas born in Italy (or elsewhere) in the past few years.” Thanks, Antonio!

(On this site, I simply express my point of view based on my experience and what I see every day. It’s mainly geared towards people in management, in companies big and small.)

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