written by IreneM


Yesterday, July 9th, as Verona lay prey to a capricious rainstorm, 180 people divided into 50 teams went on a hunt for the famed bow and arrows of Eros. The game we organized is part of a larger event called Percorsi (Itineraries), set up by the Quintegia company. This event is the first appointment on schedule for the “Emotional Academy”, which is a collection of initiatives geared towards stimulating the processes of critical thinking.

Starting point: Palazzo della Gran Guardia

Finishing point: [We’re not telling!]

To complete the game and reach the finishing point, each team had to find the keyword, which was the last sentence contained in the jumbled gamebook.

We had lots of fun in spite of the rain and once again, we proved that playing in city streets can become an essential tool to achieve diverse goals, meet people and – why not – create business opportunities. After a two-hour search that didn’t fail to produce a few moments of intense competition, the game ended in style with a great buffet for everyone.  Love 1, Rain 0!

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