written by GiuliaP

We’re watching from behind the scenes


About fifty kids from the Fabris art institute of Nove are playing whaiwhai in Venice today. Each yellow dot on the map represents a team. The students have been divided into seven groups today and will go on different itineraries of about eight stops each.

We’re monitoring the game from the whaiwhai platform’s window to the city. It’s fun to imagine the attitudes and the team spirit out there: some speeding up, others tired, others having trouble with a clue or getting side-tracked by an attraction we recall as being a particularly beautiful place. As we gauge their movements, we’re getting into the competition (some are rooting for the leaders, others for the stragglers) and enjoying the thought of these explorers traversing the narrow streets of Venice.

Our events continue to give us a sense of satisfaction, especially because they bring people together, very different kinds of people each time. Some of the students who are playing today have related to us a creative spirit and a sense of initiative… but wait, the game’s about to end.

Who’s going to win?

Update: By a fair margin, the winner is the 5thF Alfa team. Congratulations, and may the power of the Ruyi be with you!

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