written by GiuliaP

If love’s a game… someone’s going to win!

Valentine’s Day in Verona is a jubilee of tourists, romanticizing and pictures being snapped near Juliet’s balcony. This year on lovers’ day, something new happened in the city and we modestly did our part to help it succeed. Thirteen couples started from the Fnac bookstore (where we presented our Amor - Verona) and challenged each other on a search for the secret of Eros. The game lasted a couple of hours in all, but the winning team solved the last clue near the Arena just an hour after they had begun. Well done! But, as promised, here is the classification of players:

Ga&Gi - 12:59:51

Micang - 13:19:26

RobyDomy - 13:19:56

Federico - 13:21:57

Manuela&Antonio - 13:36:30

Roberto - 13:37:00

Max - 13:39:31

Saffo - 13:45:03

Giordano - 13:48:33

New Team - 13:53:03

Gert - 14:09:07

Micol&davide - 14:46:11

Fady - 16:25:22

We noticed signs of satisfaction and enjoyment, and that’s important for us. You can check out images of the event and the players here. And there are some more here.

Special thanks to Silvia Franceschini from the bookstore for her support and enthusiasm and, naturally, thanks to all our players in love.





written by GiuliaP

Lovers play whaiwhai


In the city of lovers, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that fills the streets. Verona celebrates love on February 14th and we’ve arranged to be there – to play, obviously. The venue is Verona in Love, a series of events organized by the city and by the province of Verona.

One of the stars of this program is whaiwhai and its latest publication, Amor – Verona, with an appointment set for Saturday, February 14th at 11:00 at the Fnac bookstore in Verona. There we’ll present the gamebook and then give the green light to a challenge for all couples who wish to participate. Just purchase the gamebook at a bookstore (or if you’ve already got one, bring it with you) and bring your mobile phone. The game will last a couple of hours, putting teams on various itineraries in the city. The fastest and cleverest couple (the first to solve all the clues) will win a romantic dinner at the Osteria del Bugiardo. Let us know if you’ll be there – we’ll be waiting for you. Who knows, Eros might be there too, fluttering inquisitively over your heads.

p.s.: thank’s to ladrittadEb…great shot!

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