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Debut accomplished: Rome is now playing too


On Saturday, we played in Rome for the first time. The Travel Literature Festival gave us a warm welcome in the splendid gardens of Villa Celimontana, with musicians, reporters, writers and photographers – terrific company. After the official presentation in a packed house at Palazzo Mattei, it was time to play. Thirty-five teams began their hunt for the Ruyi in Rome: two hundred people including travel enthusiasts, families, students and journalists, all searching for the city’s hidden secret.


The game started at dusk. The captains of each team introduced themselves, mobile phone numbers were verified and text messages were sent to give the green light. From our point of view, watching the players, those first few minutes are the worst: you know everything’s in place, the system works and you know all the steps, but the anxious countenance of all the people – seduced by the game and by the challenge – rouses a certain tension for us as well. Then the first beep-beeps come in and we can breathe again. The teams get organized, open maps flutter, pages of gamebooks are joined together by elastic bands, someone’s reading a story while someone else is already saying “I’ve got it, let’s go that way!” Then, finally, the city opens up to the players, who lose themselves within it, filled with the curiosity and excitement of good fun and a chance to discover things they’ve never known before.

Most of the players on Saturday night were Romans. They tried out a shortened version of the Ruyi treasure hunt: each team was to complete three steps, all relatively close to the Festival location. But even after this brief game played in just a small fraction of the city, the treasure hunters returned to Villa Celimontana satisfied and eager to give suggestions or ask for more details about the stories.

The press has reported on the Ruyi in Rome, both before and after the event on Saturday. You can read the articles in our press area and in the post preceding this one.

As has been our experience in the past, the enthusiasm on the faces of people we got to meet on this occasion filled us with joy. For us, the capital is a huge destination to have reached and we plan to go back soon for other collective events. This first game remains in our hearts, and so do all the people we’d like to thank: all the players (view the comments on guestbook), Alberto (the author of the stories), Bruno from the Libreria del Viaggiatore, our dear friend Francesca, Alice and the entire Festival staff.




written by GiuliaP

Elation chooses The Ruyi


A couple of days ago, Elation, the Italian leader in the “experience gift” sector, began  offering its customers the whaiwhai experience. So now, you can purchase the Venice treasure hunt gamebook through Elation, and in a few days you’ll be able to purchase the Rome gamebook as well. If you choose whaiwhai from this partner website, you can then give your friends the gift of an experience that starts with picking up the gamebook from one of a number of participating bookstores in Venice and Rome and ends with the thrill of having discovered a great city in a new and exciting way. We’re glad that Elation, whose philosophy is that experience is valuable, has chosen us as an attractive alternative cultural offer in Italian cities.

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