written by GiuliaP

A New WHAIWHAI challenge at Ca’ Foscari Digital Week

WHAIWHAI is taking part in the Ca’ Foscari Digital Week, an innovative, cross-sector event hosted by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice from May 3 to May 5, 2011. The goal of this event is to unite people, insights, ideas and companies around transformations induced by digital contests inside and outside the university. Tomorrow at 10:30, our CEO Tomas Barazza will talk about the work we do at LOG607, to then kick off a short WHAIWHAI challenge. To participate, register and share your participant status on your Facebook profile. Come on, spots are still available! We hope to see you there.

wi - fi day with WHAIWHAI


On July 3rd, Venice will turn on wi-fi. The city will be fully covered by a wireless network, and thanks to an initiative of the City Council, Venetians will have free access. For the first day of full wi-fi coverage, we thought it would be a nice idea to dedicate a completely digital version of The Ruyi to the city of Venice. With this network, all “digital citizens” (everyone who registers) will be able to access a challenge to search for the lost scepter via any device that can connect to wi-fi technology. Access to the stories (which, for those of you familiar with our guidebooks, you’re accustomed to unscrambling using codes) will take place via data connections by mobile phone or another device; this will let you experience an exciting treasure hunt in Venice and enjoy simple and direct interaction with the game.

Those of you who know about WHAIWHAI already know that it’s easy to play. For the rest of you, here’s a quick explanation.

You start by reading a short story about a specific place in the city. Once you identify which place it is, go there. Meanwhile, the system will produce an enigma. Solving this enigma requires careful observation of the particular location – it could involve a particular architectural detail, an aspect of the surrounding area, or just a logical calculation. Once you solve the enigma (or even if you answer incorrectly), you move on to the next story, about a different point on the map.

Our Wi-Fi Day challenge will begin at 7:00pm in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). We’ll meet under the Clock Tower and, after a simple registration and a few instructions, we’ll start the game. This treasure hunt for hidden clues in the nooks and crannies of Venice will last about two hours; we’ll meet back together at the last stage to celebrate, with prizes for the fastest teams.

If you think you can make it, write to A couple of days before the event, we’ll contact you for confirmation and to add your team to the list of participants. In the meantime, let your enthusiasm build up, get your friends to join you and form a team (groups of three or four are best) – you’re about to become digital Venetians!

(Italiano) Notte del Ruyi 2009: le classifiche




written by GiuliaP

We’re watching from behind the scenes


About fifty kids from the Fabris art institute of Nove are playing whaiwhai in Venice today. Each yellow dot on the map represents a team. The students have been divided into seven groups today and will go on different itineraries of about eight stops each.

We’re monitoring the game from the whaiwhai platform’s window to the city. It’s fun to imagine the attitudes and the team spirit out there: some speeding up, others tired, others having trouble with a clue or getting side-tracked by an attraction we recall as being a particularly beautiful place. As we gauge their movements, we’re getting into the competition (some are rooting for the leaders, others for the stragglers) and enjoying the thought of these explorers traversing the narrow streets of Venice.

Our events continue to give us a sense of satisfaction, especially because they bring people together, very different kinds of people each time. Some of the students who are playing today have related to us a creative spirit and a sense of initiative… but wait, the game’s about to end.

Who’s going to win?

Update: By a fair margin, the winner is the 5thF Alfa team. Congratulations, and may the power of the Ruyi be with you!




written by MarcoZ

The Ruyi on


We are ready to leave for Rome where we are going to present the new whaiwhai gamebook, dedicated to the eternal city.

Today wrote an article about the new book.

We are going to launch The Ruyi - Rome at the first Festival of Travel Literature. We will be in Villa Cellimontana on Saturday 27th September at 17.00. After the presentation there will be our first engaging treasure hunt in Rome.

You can find more information here.

We hope to meet you all in Rome.

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