written by GiuliaP

Now it’s Florence’s turn


The double-night in the Ruyi cities has just come to an end. We’re still digesting the effects of adrenaline and the satisfaction from the simultaneous event. You’ll soon find a short video about it here. Meanwhile, photos taken in Venice are already on Flickr.

But there’s no time to lose: Spring is close at hand and the whaiwhai event calendar is filling up. It’s Florence’s turn now, time for the for the mysteries of 2054. An appointment in the Tuscan city has already been scheduled (see the flyer above).

On Friday, April 24th at 9:30pm, the Florentine challenge will begin from the Edison Bookstore. For those familiar with our events, it’s the usual routine: get to the bookstore on time with your 2054 Florence gamebook, which you can purchase either that evening at the Edison Bookstore or right away from our shop. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone and your friends. Split up into teams (of three or four, ideally). One gamebook and one mobile per group is sufficient. Then, we’ll announce the code needed to register to the game and you’ll start on your search for extraordinary signs and clues hidden in the history and in the stonework of Florence. Each team will have a different itinerary, but we’ll all meet back at the same finishing point, where a prize will be awarded to the winners. The team that finishes their treasure hunt first will win a gift certificate worth 100 euros to spend at the Edison bookstore, our partner for this event.

Our friends at intoscana.it will be filming the event, so you’ll be able to see us again on the Tuscany tourist board’s information portal. And soon, you’ll even find news about the event on our Facebook page.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out!




written by GiuliaP

Florence, 27 November 2008

whaiwhai is also our journey to places in search of the stories they can tell us. Following Venice and Rome, we’re finally ready to take on another city. The new gamebooks are in production as we speak: we’ll have the first copies available soon and we’ll bring them hot off the press to the presentation on November 27th. What city – and what story – are we talking about?


Dear friends, this time we’re talking about the capital of the Renaissance, Dante’s home town and the cradle of the Italian language: it’s Florence’s turn. Florence too has a whaiwhai story to help uncover its most fascinating secrets. We’ll be in the Tuscan capital to present the new narrative, 2054: Florence, to the media on November 27th at the headquarters of the Province of Florence. The author of the stories, Luciano Artusi, will be there with us.

In the shop section of our website, you can already reserve your Florence gamebook; we’ll send it to you as soon as possible. But first, read this extract of the prologue to the Florence stories and tell us what you think.




written by GiuliaP

Florence. October 27th, 2008

Yesterday was a unique anniversary which relates to Florence and to our next editorial publication. It slipped our minds, so we are going to catch up by giving you some information about the extraordinary event that acts as an inspiration for the next story of whaiwhai.

That same day the scenery of the tuscan city in the fifties was upset by an event that caused dismay and which became the subject of investigation for a long time: we are referring to a mysterious sighting of non identified objects ploughing through the sky of Florence.


Amongst the many people who investigated on the phenomenon and on the substance which materialized in the city shortly after the sighting, there was a chemistry professor, Giovanni Canteri (you can see him in the picture that Marco Fontani of the Department of organic chemistry of Florence has kindly signaled to us).

Our next story originates from this curious fact and, like the other stories, triggers players to uncover secrets and mysteries.

There’s not much we can do for now, except wait to play in Florence.

Who knows, in the meantime, we might find some other sign relating to “2054”.




written by MarcoZ

Words matter… at the Festival della creatività di Firenze


The whaiwhai team moved to Florence for a week and will partecipate to the Festival della creatività.

Giulia and Fabio are already there working at log607’s space and secretly building a special game for the visitor.

We set up a tumblr blog to follow this event.

Save the link and if you happen to be in Florence for the weekend don’t forget to go to the festival and say hello to them!




written by MarcoZ

Another tour, another festival!


If the theme is “travels, sights and discoveries,” then we feel called upon to have our say. This is actually the theme for the next edition of the Festival of Creativity, which will be held at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence from October 23rd to 26th. Log607 will be there, too. We’ll be sharing a stand with our ‘cousins’ Zooppa. With real and virtual journeys through time and space, as well as discoveries and inventions from economics to robotics, from new technology to mobility, from new media to the arts, the festival will be dedicated to creative brilliance and to the talent of inventors. We couldn’t miss this event, and we’re even getting ready to play a new game: at the festival, there will be a taste of upcoming surprises we have in mind. Don’t miss this chance – we expect to see you in Florence!




written by GiuliaP

A whaiwhai secret in Florence


Every city has its secrets to reveal, and whaiwhai is an adventure we want people to be able to experience in many different places. After the search for the Ruyi in Venice and Rome, another city full of treasures will now become an extraordinary playing field: it’s Florence. We’re working on an interactive story where the capital of the Renaissance is the setting for a web that blurs truth from fiction and the legendary from the real. Here’s a sneak preview – what do you think?

October 27th, 1954: twenty unidentified flying objects hover in the skies above Florence, flying over the most famous of the city’s monuments for fifteen minutes. As everyone stands with their necks bent backwards, eyes fixated on the UFOs, no one realizes what the aliens are actually doing. They’re looking for something, something that came to Earth many years ago. One earthly being has been appointed to keep this secret, a UFO expert who will take the mystery with him to the grave. Will there be an invasion? What were those UFOs looking for in Florence in ’54?

It’s your job to uncover the truth in the city of the Medicis…

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