written by GiuliaP

The Ruyi Double Night: instructions


It looks like there’ll be lots of us in the two Ruyi cities Friday night. As you already know, we’ll be meeting at 9:30pm in Piazza Navona in Rome and in Campo San Polo in Venice. We’ll be with you from start to finish – and we’re even going to experiment with a live, simultaneous broadcast of the two events on our site via webcam and mogulus.

For you, the players, here’s some advice to be ready for the challenge:

- a map of the city could be useful

- a flashlight might help, too, because there are some dimly lit places you’ll need to inspect carefully

- read each story carefully to identify the exact location it refers to

We’ll be waiting for you, with a little flashlight in hand… look for us and be there on time!

p.s. Those who have chosen to play in Rome will be a little bit luckier: Alberto Toso Fei, the author of the stories, will be there!

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