Some people found CODE-R

Yesterday was a big day for whaiwhai. In association with  Momentum for RCS Sport, we pulled off a special event to add Milan to the group of cities that have been rediscovered through our game model. This event was held to announce an initiative launched by Momentum for 2009. Participants started from the Alcatraz night club and returned there two hours later after an experience involving some of the great sporting events in the history of the city: whaiwhai became the essential ingredient as teams of participants searched for the secret CODE-R.

About 400 people played with us, in a challenge to see who could uncover the secret code first. It was a huge success. The players really liked the 27 stories we wrote about athletes and sporting events (in soccer, rugby, cycling, running and Supercross), and it was even more fun for those who took part in trying to solve the puzzles hidden within Milan. The teams had been put together online over the past two weeks: there were about 70 teams in all, each with its own nom de guerre. There was certainly a competitive flavor, as the groups could even use their cars to get around the city. The winning team made it back to the Alcatraz in a lightning-fast time. There, the celebrations continued, with Giro d’Italia champion cyclist Ivan Basso and Olympic canoeing medalist Antonio Rossi to keep company. The prize for the winners was a weekend getaway to London to attend the Italy-Brazil friendly.

You can check out a selection of photos from the event here. We’re exhausted today, but it’s the kind of fatigue resplendent with satisfaction and fulfillment. The whaiwhai experience in Milan has taught us a lot and opens up new perspectives for other cities and new themes.

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