WHAIWHAI and Italian Valley


A couple of days ago, Italian Valley went online. It’s a site created by Wired that collects and describes great Italian innovation stories. These are stories about the people who Wired’s Director Riccardo Luna calls “ItAliens”, that is, “heroes who invent and create in a country like Italy against the odds.” This project came about in conjunction with an Italian Ministry of Public Administration initiative: the ministry, along with Italia degli Innovatori, selected a number of companies and institutions to represent Italy at Expo 2010 (the World’s Fair) in Shanghai. WHAIWHAI is one of the companies that was selected, so we’ll have a spot at Expo 2010 along with 264 other innovative Italian projects. You can find out more about all of these Italian innovations on Wired’s website, but – most important of all! – you can vote for your favorite. The project that gets the most votes will receive an award on July 31st in Shanghai. It’s been two days since the voting started, and so far we’re well placed in the rankings. But we need your support. So without further ado, vote for WHAIWHAI (just click on the little stars) and spread the word!

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