Class is in session with LOG607


We’ve been presenting our work to people studying projects similar to ours. These opportunities to analyze and compare our work do us good because they help us keep our boundaries open.

A week ago, Fabio gave a presentation at a symposium called Playing the City, an international event to explore intersections between the study of urban practices and the creation of new, ludic forms of participating in the life of a city. Our appointment was hosted by the Play 2010 Game Festival in Modena, a perfect setting to talk about WHAIWHAI, about the motivation to create a game where players interact with cities. Here ’s Fabio’s talk, which came after Mary Flanagan’s first hour session.

And next Monday, I (GiuliaP) will meet students majoring in multimedia publishing in the Department of Humanities of the University of Rome - La Sapienza. There, I will have a chance to discuss WHAIWHAI as an innovative publishing product. Without a doubt, there’ll be some excellent points to reflect on for those studying new publishing foand media formats.


After having completed four editions and four different stories, we’re now in a position to describe the whaiwhai creative process in decisive and convincing words. In this model, very well-constructed elements and universes interact, and its complexity is what generates the best things! And whaiwhai isn’t the only idea we’ve got: LOG607 works on diverse threads and experiments with different ways of interpreting texts in order to combine games with narratives.

In the presentation above (which Marco used successfully in his master’s course at the Domus Academy in Rome), you will find an illustration of our work. Between the lines, you’ll also get a glimpse of a project that cannot be revealed completely yet: just keep in mind that, if all goes according to plan, it will be a real revolution for the web and for the realization and enjoyment of works of fiction.

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