Class is in session with LOG607


We’ve been presenting our work to people studying projects similar to ours. These opportunities to analyze and compare our work do us good because they help us keep our boundaries open.

A week ago, Fabio gave a presentation at a symposium called Playing the City, an international event to explore intersections between the study of urban practices and the creation of new, ludic forms of participating in the life of a city. Our appointment was hosted by the Play 2010 Game Festival in Modena, a perfect setting to talk about WHAIWHAI, about the motivation to create a game where players interact with cities. Here ’s Fabio’s talk, which came after Mary Flanagan’s first hour session.

And next Monday, I (GiuliaP) will meet students majoring in multimedia publishing in the Department of Humanities of the University of Rome - La Sapienza. There, I will have a chance to discuss WHAIWHAI as an innovative publishing product. Without a doubt, there’ll be some excellent points to reflect on for those studying new publishing foand media formats.




written by MarcoZ



Today a new story begins for LOG607. But not one of those full of clues that you’re used to seeing. This is a story that has yet to be written!

H-Farm, the incubator company in which our business has grown, has signed an agreement to sell a majority stake of LOG607 to Marsilio Editori, a subsidiary of the RCS Libri group.

Marsilio and H-Farm are putting their skills together and LOG607 will apply the glue. We’ll be working with Marsilio to develop and experiment with new publishing formats, as we’ve been doing with whaiwhai, the platform that has opened up the frontiers of cultural tourism.

As we now join the big publishing group RCS, we have taken this opportunity to create a new logo, the symbol of our company, which we think represents our game-based concept very well.

A new season is about to begin: other cities, original itineraries and new stories to experience will soon be ready to sink your teeth into!


Today is National Innovation Day in Italy, to raise awareness about various themes in innovation. For this purpose, the National Innovation Convention has been inducted. This convention brings all the key players who are striving for innovation and technological growth together: representatives of industries, services, universities, research centers and public bodies.

As part of the celebrations, Minister Brunetta has invited all the companies that earned recognition in the National Prize for Innovation in the Service Sector, scheduling a press conference to present those companies. As winner of the first prize in the “Innovation in Tourism” category, LOG607 will be proud to attend.

And the winner is.. LOG607


Here we are again! Today we have a great piece of news to announce:

LOG607 has won first prize in the Tourism category of the Italian National Prize for Innovation in the Service Sector, which is awarded each year by the Italian Trade Association. At this very moment, our CEO Tomas Barazza is at the Quirinal Palace in Rome to receive the award from the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

We’re bursting with pride: this recognition confirms that we’re on the right track and lays an even more solid foundation for whaiwhai.

The tourist industry is changing; people don’t just want to learn stories about cities, they want to experience them!

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