written by GiuliaP

WHAIWHAI at the Lucca Comics and Games


They’re ruining my life. How many other Lupins are there in this city?! They’re petty thieves, awful wannabes. They cruise around town in old 500s, wearing green or red jackets, passing themselves off as me, and the worst part is, they get caught!

I really need your help to get me out of this jam, to help everyone figure out I’m the one and only real deal. I can’t work like this. Once these impostors are out of the way, I’ll be able to pull the heist of the century! But I’ll tell you about that later…

And so the challenge begins! Starting today, until Sunday, you’ll find us at Lucca Comics & Games 2011. LOG607 is at the RCS stand promoting the movie Lupin III: Green vs. Red. With a special text message-only version of WHAIWHAI, we bring festival-goers straight to the stand, by way of a series of enigmas pointing to various beautiful locations in the city. Only those who make it here will receive the prize: a free DVD of the film.


Now that the Lucca comics and games fest is over, let’s tally up the totals: 315 WHAIWHAI games were played in the city to search for the real Lupin! Have a look at the pics.

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