written by GiuliaP

Just kidding

We took the liberty of playing an April fool’s joke, did you notice? The last post talked about an incredible collaboration with a certain Dan Braun. You didn’t fall for it, did you?

Yes, we improvised with a little joke because sometimes we need to stop taking ourselves too seriously – that goes especially for game creators. Paris is still one of our big ambitions, though: who knows, maybe the joke we played yesterday will bring good fortune!




written by GiuliaP

The Dan Code


We just can’t hide it, we have to tell you. It’s one of those things that changes the course of events and opens up new possibilities.

Whaiwhai is about to make its mark in Paris!

After months of making contacts and working together, it looks like we’re finally ready. Today, we’ve received confirmation from the author who has agreed to write the stories for the next edition of whaiwhai. That author is none other than Dan Braun! Yes, the creator of the most celebrated novel in recent years, the Da Vinci Code. We can’t say much more because there are still a few details in the negotiation process that haven’t been finalized yet. However, we have managed to wring one revelation out: we have identified one of the central settings of the story the author is crafting for us and for Paris. You can see it here.

We’ll have more info soon.

Update: read the post above.

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