Whiffs of WHAIWHAI

We already told you we were selected as one of the Italian innovations that will get a spot at the World’s Fair in Shanghai, right? Well, here we are on WIRED’s page about us and the other innovative projects. There’s a contest going on right now and the project that receives the most votes will win an award — we’re well-placed so far, but we still need your stars to make it to the top. On the same site, you can also read an interview with Tomas about innovation.

Also, a few days ago the Dispenser program on Rai Radio 2 discussed WHAIWHAI. Thanks goes out to Marco Villa for his entertaining report, which you can listen to below (in Italian).

And finally, an intriguing rendezvous about games and videogames called Far Game will take place tomorrow afternoon at the Cineteca in Bologna. They’ve invited us to speak at the event, so our guy Fabio will be there to talk about the WHAIWHAI style.




written by GiuliaP

Thanks, Jessica!


On Whygo Italy, a usefull website for travel suggestions, Jessica Spiegel wrote an interesting post about whaiwhai. She catched us on twitter and then she wrote us to know more. She suddenly jump into whaiwhai style.

Thank Jessica for interest and clarity of post.

(Italiano) In onda su “Giocando” - Radio2




written by GiuliaP

Sunday Times speaks about whaiwhai


On the day of our debut in Rome, just a few hours before our presentation at the Travel Literature Festival, Sunday Times journalist Paul Croghton, who had contacted us some time beforehand, played whaiwhai in a sneak preview in the streets and squares of the capital. His report of his experience was published in yesterday’s edition of the newspaper. It’s a vivacious, precise description of a day on the hunt for mysteries, in which he doesn’t hold back from raising some doubts that we’ll think about and take into consideration. Thank you, Paul! You can read his article at the Sunday Times website or download it from our press area.

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