Basso Hotel & Resort Picks WHAIWHAI


LOG607 and the Basso Hotel & Resort (BHR) in Treviso have just sealed an important deal, a partnership and an exchange of diverse contacts in the sphere of conventions, Italian companies and beyond.

BHR offers extremely high quality services, with 133 rooms on six floors and four categories of rooms to choose from: classic, deluxe, junior suites and presidential suites. Inside the hotel complex is the DiVino Osteria Trevigiana, a restaurant with a warm and lively atmosphere, as well as the Gioia Lounge Bar, a refined café by day that turns into a captivating bar by night, where you can even surf the Internet. BHR is also a spacious, high-tech venue for meetings and events with over nine thousand square feet of naturally lit halls that can accommodate over a thousand people.

All this makes the Basso Hotel & Resort an ideal location for conventions and company meetings. Plus, since it’s just a short private coach bus ride away from Venice, the hotel is also an ideal point of departure for a hunt for the Ruyi in the island city’s calli and salizade. That’s where WHAIWHAI comes into play. As they split up into teams, businesspeople can take off their suits, become players and challenge one another in a search for Venetian clues.

The Basso Hotel & Resort suggests The Ruyi – Venice as a team-building activity. Thanks for the endorsement!

Venice May 20th / whaiwhai at the Incroci di Civiltà


The 2009 edition of Incroci di civiltà (Crossroads of Civilizations) in Venice will be our host, too. We’ve been included in the program for the preview to the festival, which will be held at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia. In the section “Other languages, other poetics in the contemporary era” hosted by Querini and Ateneo Veneto, we will present The Ruyi – Venice along with Alberto, the author of the stories. This will take place May 20th at 9:45pm at the Fondazione’s headquarters. Alberto will give a brief presentation of his work and then we’ll play: gamebooks will be available, but if you’ve already bought one, bring it and you’ll be able to start the challenge by simply registering on-site. As always, come with your mobile phone and with a group of friends to form a team. We hope to see you there! Meanwhile, keep an eye on the interesting literary review program: this year, literary idols like Salman Rushdie, Zhang Jie and Orhan Pamuk will all come to Venice for the festival.

(Italiano) Notte del Ruyi 2009: le classifiche




written by GiuliaP

whaiwhai and Alberto Toso Fei on Coming Soon

It’s a late arrival, but it’s here. A Christmas-themed video registered by the author of The Ruyi Venice and Rome stories, Alberto Toso Fei, in the Coming Soon Television studios on December 12th, 2008. It’s a half-hour show, dedicated to whaiwhai and the stories about the two cities, that takes up a full instalment of the program Siamo Stati Uniti (We’re United States).

In a very enjoyable, informal talk between the author and the hosts of the show, Alberto even reveals some of the details about the stories and about the places he has written about. We have split the video up into three parts; you’ll find them on the whaiwhaiTV channel on YouTube.




written by GiuliaP

A Venetian night

Departure: 14:38:01 on a humid November 10th.

Location: Piazza San Marco, in the heart of Venice.

Four friends and an intruder on an autumn evening in Venice.

Look for a magical scepter when daylight has faded… walk through the half-deserted calli and canals of one of the most charming cities in the world… notice nooks one has never seen before… focus on details never observed before… enjoy the atmosphere and the company…

All this is the Ruyi experience. This time it was made even more special for the four friends by Alessandro, a professional photographer, who documented their nocturnal hunt for the magical scepter with his camera, and by Giulia, his wife, who captured the most exciting moments of the evening on her digital camcorder.

A video, which you can see, has been created by putting together all the sounds, images and words from that magical evening when five people, who thought they already knew Venice well, rediscovered it entirely.

We hope this partnership with Alessandro can continue, having seen the great quality of his work and the enthusiasm he brought to whaiwhai… perhaps as early as the release of whaiwhai in Verona, a city he’s very attached to.




written by GiuliaP

Whaiwhai in Time


A few days ago, Time magazine journalist Rachel Spence wrote an article about the Ruyi-Rome treasure hunt, an experience that will be available to all in the Italian capital in just a few weeks. Thanks to her for the detailed, accurate report about the story of the magic scepter and how the game works. We hope to meet her soon on the whaiwhai road.

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