written by GiuliaP

Back home


Here we are again, back from the mid-August break, having travelled countless kilometres throughout Italy. Vacations and trips always leave us with interesting talking points. Here’s a few of our notes:

- Tour guides

We delved into a good book, whose purpose is similar to whaiwhai’s – not quite as fun, but very original and exciting. The author is Carlo Caselli (who knows if we’ll get to meet him sometime soon?) and the title of the book is Toscana insolita e segreta [Tuscany: The Unusual and the Mysterious]. It offers walks off the beaten track; it’s a guide to the stranger side of Tuscany, to places that have unique stories to tell, that force us to immerse ourselves in their streets and quarters.

- World travellers

How do you really travel? Rolf Potts has a precise notion of his travels; some have dubbed him “the Kerouac of the Internet Age,” but he seems to prefer the definition “post-modern travel writer.” His chronicles begin while he is on his journey and continue with comments from his readers online.

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