written by GiuliaP

Florence. October 27th, 2008

Yesterday was a unique anniversary which relates to Florence and to our next editorial publication. It slipped our minds, so we are going to catch up by giving you some information about the extraordinary event that acts as an inspiration for the next story of whaiwhai.

That same day the scenery of the tuscan city in the fifties was upset by an event that caused dismay and which became the subject of investigation for a long time: we are referring to a mysterious sighting of non identified objects ploughing through the sky of Florence.


Amongst the many people who investigated on the phenomenon and on the substance which materialized in the city shortly after the sighting, there was a chemistry professor, Giovanni Canteri (you can see him in the picture that Marco Fontani of the Department of organic chemistry of Florence has kindly signaled to us).

Our next story originates from this curious fact and, like the other stories, triggers players to uncover secrets and mysteries.

There’s not much we can do for now, except wait to play in Florence.

Who knows, in the meantime, we might find some other sign relating to “2054”.

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