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(Italiano) Il Corriere parla di “whaifhai” (=WHAIWHAI al wi - fi day)

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wi - fi day with WHAIWHAI


On July 3rd, Venice will turn on wi-fi. The city will be fully covered by a wireless network, and thanks to an initiative of the City Council, Venetians will have free access. For the first day of full wi-fi coverage, we thought it would be a nice idea to dedicate a completely digital version of The Ruyi to the city of Venice. With this network, all “digital citizens” (everyone who registers) will be able to access a challenge to search for the lost scepter via any device that can connect to wi-fi technology. Access to the stories (which, for those of you familiar with our guidebooks, you’re accustomed to unscrambling using codes) will take place via data connections by mobile phone or another device; this will let you experience an exciting treasure hunt in Venice and enjoy simple and direct interaction with the game.

Those of you who know about WHAIWHAI already know that it’s easy to play. For the rest of you, here’s a quick explanation.

You start by reading a short story about a specific place in the city. Once you identify which place it is, go there. Meanwhile, the system will produce an enigma. Solving this enigma requires careful observation of the particular location – it could involve a particular architectural detail, an aspect of the surrounding area, or just a logical calculation. Once you solve the enigma (or even if you answer incorrectly), you move on to the next story, about a different point on the map.

Our Wi-Fi Day challenge will begin at 7:00pm in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). We’ll meet under the Clock Tower and, after a simple registration and a few instructions, we’ll start the game. This treasure hunt for hidden clues in the nooks and crannies of Venice will last about two hours; we’ll meet back together at the last stage to celebrate, with prizes for the fastest teams.

If you think you can make it, write to veneziadigitale@whaiwhai.com. A couple of days before the event, we’ll contact you for confirmation and to add your team to the list of participants. In the meantime, let your enthusiasm build up, get your friends to join you and form a team (groups of three or four are best) – you’re about to become digital Venetians!

July 3, 2009: Venice Turns On Wi-Fi


We’re getting ready for a big event in Venice: on July 3rd, the city that was home to the Ruyi and Marco Polo and is still home to canals and other wonders, will open its Wi-Fi network to its citizens. The City Council has adopted the principles of “digital citizenship” and has been working for some time to guarantee free broadband access. This goal is now in sight.

We’ve accepted Venice’s invitation to participate in Wi-Fi Day on July 3rd and we thought it would be a great idea to dedicate a completely digital version of our Ruyi treasure hunt to the city. Because the wireless network will be accessible from anywhere in the city, you’ll be able to play WHAIWHAI with any device that can connect to Wi-Fi technology. Players can gain access to Alberto Toso Fei’s stories from the jumbled The Ruyi – Venice gamebook through a data connection via mobile phone or another device. Searching for clue after clue in the narrow streets and squares unique to Venice, you’ll get an exciting experience and enjoy the simple and direct interaction with the game.

This free WHAIWHAI event will start at 7:00pm from Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) and will last about two hours. Teams will challenge each other to earn a prize. You’ll soon find a registration page on our website with all the details you’ll need. Starting July 22nd, you’ll also find updates on the events that will take place on July 3rd on the Comune di Venezia (City of Venice) website.




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It’s Time for the Biennale. Here’s Some Advice for Art Seekers


Fare Mondi // Making Worlds // Bantin Duniyan// 制造世界 // Weltenmachen // Construire des Mondes // Fazer Mundos… This is the title of the 53rd International Art Exhibition directed by Daniel Birnbaum, which will be open to the public from Sunday, June 7th until Sunday, November 22nd 2009.

The exhibition, as always, is a can’t-miss opportunity to visit Venice and immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art. In addition to the gardens and the Arsenal, the entire map of Venice will be marked with works of art and artists’ creations from around the world.

This year, the Italian pavilion extends over 1,800 square meters, facing the Giardino delle Vergini. Inside you’ll find the Collaudi exhibit, an homage to F.T. Marinetti to celebrate the centennial anniversary of his Futurist Manifesto. The exhibit will run alongside the second Venetian stage of Futurismo100, the big event dedicated to the Italian futurist movement since 1900, organized by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Futurismo100 began its scientific itinerary with the Mart exhibit in Rovereto (January 17th to June 7th 2009) and will continue at the Museo Correr in Venice from June 5th to October 4th, to then conclude at the Palazzo Reale in Milan from October 15th 2009 through January 25th 2010.

The new Italian pavilion will be located at the Rese delle Vergini of the Arsenale, the same ancient arsenal where master carpenters could build a galley in a single afternoon, to the incredulous eyes of Henry III, King of France. This is something known full well by players who went to this place to solve one of the clues in our whaiwhai stories.

During the Biennale, whoever goes on a hunt for the Ruyi in Venice might chance upon other hunters: art seekers. Many of the places connected with our game’s stories are located near spaces fitted out for the Biennale. So, keep your eyes open, whaiwhai notebook in hand and soon you’ll be Making Worlds… of discoveries!

Venice May 20th / whaiwhai at the Incroci di Civiltà


The 2009 edition of Incroci di civiltà (Crossroads of Civilizations) in Venice will be our host, too. We’ve been included in the program for the preview to the festival, which will be held at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia. In the section “Other languages, other poetics in the contemporary era” hosted by Querini and Ateneo Veneto, we will present The Ruyi – Venice along with Alberto, the author of the stories. This will take place May 20th at 9:45pm at the Fondazione’s headquarters. Alberto will give a brief presentation of his work and then we’ll play: gamebooks will be available, but if you’ve already bought one, bring it and you’ll be able to start the challenge by simply registering on-site. As always, come with your mobile phone and with a group of friends to form a team. We hope to see you there! Meanwhile, keep an eye on the interesting literary review program: this year, literary idols like Salman Rushdie, Zhang Jie and Orhan Pamuk will all come to Venice for the festival.




written by GiuliaP

(Italiano) Giovani, carini e pre-occupati. Tutti a caccia del Ruyi.

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