written by GiuliaP



Why not play WHAIWHAI away from the city? Companies that have worked with us, using WHAIWHAI as a team building tool, have asked us this question on several occasions. We now have the right solution: you can now play our treasure hunt full of stories and enigmas from a hotel room, a resort or a convention center. WHAIWHAI DIGit is a social adventure that takes place wherever its participants go, so a resort, a convention center or even company headquarters can become a playing field to explore. Each story can be read on digital devices like smartphones or tablets, through a web platform created specifically for the event. The stories contain anecdotes on the topic of innovation. The game flow is the same as the traditional form of WHAIWHAI you already know: read the story, go to the location, solve the enigma. We’ve played this way several times with Vodafone. Check out these photos and video of two DIGit events.

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